Program Weekly Curriculum

    1. HARProgram Welcome and Introduction

    2. HARP Module 1 Lesson 1 - Is there a fear of not having alcohol in your life. Your benefits for completing the program. Choice.

    3. HARP Module 1 Lesson 2 - Assess your alcohol habits and behaviours. Get to know the healthy guidelines. What is alcohol?

    4. HARP Module1 Lesson 2 - Questionnaires to complete before Module 1A (Lesson 3)

    5. HARP Alcohol questionnaire to complete before Module 1A (lesson 3)

    6. HARP How do I do it questionnaire to complete before Module 1A (Lesson 3)

    7. HARP Workbook

    8. HARP Calm and Let Go Audio

    1. HARP Module1A Lesson3 - Learn about the different types of drinking. Your reductions goal for the next week. Strategies to reduce cravings and intake. Guided hypnosis

    2. HARP Daily Journal

    3. HARP Daily Journal

    4. HARP Daily Journal

    5. HARP Strategies for Reducing Alcohol Intake

    6. HARP Strategies for Reducing Cravings

    1. HARP Module 2 Lesson 1 - Client update, How the brain works, Hangxiety, Emotions, How to protect your brain, Relaxation technique

    2. HARP Module 2 Lesson 2 - How alcohol affects the body, How to protect the liver, Reduce the risk of Type2 Diabetes, Emotional Detox

    3. HARP Module 2 Lesson 3 - Alcohol and pregnancy, menopause, female depression, ageing, Making the right choice, Guided hypnosis

    4. HARP Bonus Daily Audio

    1. HARP Module 3 Lesson 1 - The Conscious and Subconscious mind, learn to focus your mind, regain control

    2. HARP Module 3 Lesson2 - Why do we drink alcohol? Triggers, denial, enablers, where's the off switch?

    3. HARP Module 3 Lesson3 - What is alcohol really doing to me? The trap, choosing the right path, guided hypnosis

    4. HARP Stay in Control Audio

    1. HARP Module 4 Lesson 1 - Review. The choices we make. What do we do about our 'friends'?

    2. HARP Module 4 Lesson 2 - Anxiety, stress and worry. Overcome your fears and gain control. Techniques to reduce anxiety.

    3. HARP Module 4 Lesson 3 - Achieve your goals, what gives you real pleasure, self consciousness, boost your self motivation

    4. HARP - Have fun without Alcohol Hypnosis Audio

    5. HARP Goals action sheet

    6. HARP Reduce Anxiety daily Action plan

    7. HARP I AM

    1. HARP Module 5 Lesson 1 - Self -esteem. Getting to like myself

    2. HARP Module 5 Lesson 2 - Build Confidence. Guided Hypnosis

    3. HARP Magic Bucket Hypnosis Audio

    4. HARP Techniques

About this program

  • 36 lessons
  • 11 Guided Hypnosis Audios
  • Workbook, Technique and Module downloads
  • Opportunity to change your life

Change your relationship with alcohol for a longer healthier future